Testimonials from a few of our Pilgrims

Delores and Ken bring unique gifts to the planning and offering of the pilgrimage experience in Assisi, Italy.


They are people of strong faith and open hearts.

They invite and support each pilgrim to have his or her own authentic experience.

I have seldom had more fun and sharing with a group who had been strangers to me.

Delores and Ken planned a beautiful opportunity to walk in the footsteps of St. Francis and experience his legacy in the fellowship of other seekers. Everywhere you look in Assisi is like opening a Christmas gift.

I am very grateful. I would like the two of  you to know how much I appreciate your passion, commitment, creativity and hard work.

Archdeacon of Philadelphia Episcopal Cathedral, The Venerable Pamela M. Nesbit, Philadelphia, US


I traveled to Assisi with Delores and Ken in October 2017. I know that a pilgrimage is more than a trip, but what I loved was that this was so much more than a pilgrimage.

While some may say that 10 days is a long time to spend in Assisi, Delores planned it so that we not only had time to explore the sites, but we had the time to step out of ourselves and explore our souls. She and Ken very easily created an atmosphere of love, trust, and stillness where I was able to meet God in others, in nature, and in my own heart.

Delores also uses her creativity to enhance the experience. Her use of expressive arts Is not something you will find on any other pilgrimage. She is a very gifted artist and photographer, and helped all of us see God in the beauty that was all around us.
Not least of all, Ken and Delores make a wonderful team. Their love for God, people, and Assisi shines through in the way they make all the pilgrims feel safe and welcome. I am absolutely convinced you would not get the same kind of personal connection in a larger group. If you want to truly discover Assisi, this is the couple to go with!

Patti Weisgerber, Calgary, Canada

Greetings fellow seeker, I traveled with Delores and Ken on their 2016 pilgrimage to Assisi for three reasons that I felt the universe had planned for me, it would take too long to explain here and are relevant mostly to myself. I did not know or understand why I was called to participate but trusted that I was indeed supposed to.

Upon arriving in Assisi, I only knew St. Frances as the birdbath saint (as quoted from Fr. Richard Rohr) and knew nothing of St. Clare. I went with an open mind and an open heart and discovered so much more. I have come to have deep fondness for both saints. The Franciscan Way has helped me to better participate in my Catholic faith.

Delores secured wonderful guides, Marco and Alfredo, who brought so much meaningfulness to our pilgrimage! .They are both animated and passionate about their work. They shared much of themselves as far as life in Assisi now; regarding politics, social structure and just about anything you wondered about like ... Are Italian men really mama’s boy’s?

Delores has a beautiful way of bringing the experiences to life through readings, discussion and art. I have continued to create in new ways from my inspiration from her as well as all the wondrous and magnificent sights. It has been fascinating to witness how my understandings of my time there unfolds in the most unexpected ways.   

Ken took care of all the logistics and we traveled to many beautiful places without incident. It was a wonderful experience and I highly recommend it.

Teresa Arthur

Minnesota, USA


This was our first pilgrimage and visit to Italy, and we are so glad that we decided to join the tour organized by Delores and Ken.

We experienced a rich and satisfying itinerary that included visits to all the major shrines associated with Saint Francis and Saint Clare, as well as contemplative and artistic exercises, cultural experiences, and delicious food.

Some special memories include visiting Francis’s little chapel inside the massive Basilica of Saint Mary of the Angels, an evening “blue hour” photography session with Delores at the Basilica of Saint Francis, viewing the tomb of Saint Clare, visiting textile and stained glass studios in Perugia, sampling the gelato shops in Assisi, and enjoying a luxurious lunch al fresco on the shore of beautiful Lake Piediluco.

Delores and Ken are superb hosts and took exceptional care of us. I can highly recommend this pilgrimmage to anyone with a curiosity or reverence for Saint Francis and Saint Clare, and a desire to experience amazing Umbria.

–Dr. Manuel Mah, Calgary, Canada.


You may come on this pilgrimage to enhance your skills as a photographer; you can if you allow it, leave with a new ability to see.

You may come on this pilgrimage to experience the path of Francis and Clare; you can if you allow it, leave with a renewed sense of your own path with God.

You may come on this pilgrimage to experience a deep spirit filled community of laughter, trust and love. You will be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams.

Cliff Nesbit,

Philadelphia, US

It is not possible to "go online" and find an experience like this to book.

No travel company, even the "Religious" ones or groups led by a local religious could bring the richness that Delores and Ken bring to the pilgrimages they lead. They are beyond any expectations!

The creative times, the quiet meditative sits. the sharing that only a small group with Delores will give you.

Joanna Brunson, Columbus, Georgia, US

A truly blessed experience ... each day brings new and inspiring experiences.


The friendships and bonds created in Assisi are God given and will go on for a lifetime.


The beauty of this place will take your breath away and the experience of it will be life-changing.

The gift of Delores will move your heart ...

I am so grateful to God for the grace of this holy place!

Thank you St. Francis and St. Clare for continuing to walk with us.

With a very grateful heart, Carole Lynch, Calgary, Canada

I have heard many accolades about Italy throguhout my life. I anticipated good food, warm people and beautiful landscapes. My expectations were totally exceeded!

The peace of Assisi is unsurpassed. Beauty spoke to me here like no other place on earth.

I am filled with gratitude to be here with others who seek God who is the ultimate healer.

Assisi has a magnetism, a deep spirituality that compels me to return.

Taste and see the goodness of the Lord in this extraordinary, special place.

Delores I am eternally grateful that you invited me and put your heart into our time together.

Peggy Maclellan,  Calgary, Canada


Monica, Mark and I really enjoyed the pilgrimage and we won't ever forget the experience. Not to mention the fact that we are all better photographers as well.

I thought the pilgrimage was a wonderful in the way that you combined the history and life of Saint Francis with the beauty and elegance of the area around Assisi.

John Massing

Calgary, Alberta, Canada


The Italian countryside is breathtakingly beautiful and this trip was a deeply moving spiritual experience on so many levels. The emotional and spiritual force you feel walking through all the great historical basilicas, cathedrals, churches and chapels is indescribable. You cannot help but feel humbled.

We were truly blessed to experience Assisi and to walk in the footsteps of St. Francis and St. Clare with Delores and Ken. They are an exceptional husband and wife team.

This pilgrimage far exceeded our expectations!

Delores and Ken handled everything with such great care and genuine concern that this pilgrimage be the best experience possible, for each and every one of us.

This trip was most definitely filled with many memorable moments of awe.

Monica Massing

Calgary, Alberta, Canada